Saturday, April 07, 2007

7AM - Villa Jesus Maria.
It is overcast and cool this morning. Before we headed out, Ms. GQ our laptop computer checked to see if a wireless network were available near the Pemex. Maybe we would be able to post to our blog?

This was a wild thought. It would be a strange thing to actually find a wireless network way out here in the desert of Mexico. And no wireless network was found.

9AM - South of Catavina Breakfast Camp.
We made a Breakfast Camp 20 miles south of the Town of Catavina. Pancakes came to mind, and that is what we made for breakfast!
Pancakes in the desert.

3PM - Nite Camped in El Rosario.
There is a lot behind the place that sells propane. MsTioga has been making a Nite Camp here for a couple of years. Around the corner is the famous Mama Espinoza Restaurant.

When we went to fill up with gas at the Pemex we saw a sign in front of the Mama Espinoza's which read, "Buffet Hoy." Wow! We went over and got in the buffet line and then found out that the buffet had closed. Man-O-man!

Back inside MsTioga, we made our own Mexican food of two beef tacos, rice and beans, totopos [chips] and guacamole.
Mama Espinoza's Restaurante.

7PM - Mr. Datastorm tries to go online.
The crippled Mr. Datastorm with his broken "upper control board" tried to go online this evening. We feel terrible when we cannot post everyday!

We actually got a pretty good signal from the satellite! But it was not good enough to go online.


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