Saturday, April 21, 2007

8AM - Day Camped at Mission Bay Park.
MsTioga and The Team have made our Camp near the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. We are very close to the walkway that runs along the beach.

On the way to the Park, we stopped at the RV dump station along Hwy #5. Then we went shopping to replace the stuff taken from MsTioga at the border station yesterday. We bought some "honey baked ham" for breakfasts!
Tioga and George at Mission Bay Park.

1:30PM - Reader Dave comes to call.
MsTioga moved to the east Mission Beach parking lot, and we were there only a few minutes when Dave drove up to say, "Hello!" We are always soooooo happy to meet our readers!

Dave is a fulltimer who grew up in the San Diego area, and knows the Mission Beach area very well. After talking for a bit, we drove over to Dave's favorite frosty place and we each enjoyed a wonderful frosty cone!
Reader Dave.

4PM - Food at the beach.
Walking along the midway thru Belmont Park is a treat that brings back lots of memories. The fragrance of hot dogs, burgers and fries fills the air. The smell of the place is like no other. It is the same food fragrance as years ago. But we are not thinking hot dogs and hamburgers this afternoon. We are thinking about the Mexican food at Roberto's Taco Shop across from the Park.

In Mexico, all of the restaurants and taco stands serve a ton of veggies, salsa and usually guacamole. These xtras come in trays or bowls. Take as much as you want. These xtras are one of the best things about eating food in Mexico.

Roberto's Taco Shop at Mission beach has been here forever. Very popular place. However, the food at Roberto's does NOT include the xtras. And, the food is MUCH more expensive than in Mexico. 2X to 3X more expensive.

We decided to make our own Mexican food in MsTioga's kitchen. We will have fresh guacamole. Fresh salsa. Take as much as we want!

The menu at Roberto's.

Roberto's is at the corner.

6PM - Surf & Skate Boards.
The big thing here at the beach are the boards. Surf and skate boards. Oneil's is a shop that has been selling boards here since 1952. The surf boards in the Oneil shop are beautiful. So light that you would not believe.

These surfboards are priced from $525 to $750.

Surf boards.

Skate boards.


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