Tuesday, April 10, 2007

8AM - Publishing from RV Specialists' office.
This morning we asked Mark Cooley, owner of RV Specialists in San Diego if he would let us use his internet connection to update our blog! And guess what! Mark said, "Yes!!"

So, we have updated our blog from inside their office. Isn't that the greatest thing?

Tomorrow afternoon, the skew motor for Mr. Datastorm should be received here at RV Specialists, and Mr. Datastorm will be working again.
George at RV Specialists.

MsTioga at RV Specialists in San Diego.

Note: MsTioga highly recommends RV Specialists in San Diego when you need repairs for your RV, OK?

10AM - Roof vent installed.
RV Specialists had a roof vent that could be adapted for MsTioga. We lost two roof vents in Mexico during the fiberglass job. We drove on the highway with the roof vents not screwed down. Oh my! And they blew away!
Roof vent installation.

Roof vent installed.

1PM - Grocery shopping.
There are some things that we could not find to buy in Mexico. Distilled water for Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank is one of these things. About one gallon of distilled water is needed every six weeks for the battery bank. We bought two gallons!

The border guards confiscated all of our bacon and eggs and fruit. So after grocery shopping at "Food 4 Less", we were able to make breakfast!!
Bacon, eggs and a bagel!

3PM - Washing clothes.
We had been keeping our eyes open for a laundry. A lady at the grocery told us about a nearby laundromat. While at the laundry, we spotted a purified water machine, and filled our five gallon bottle.
Doing the laundry.

5PM - MsTioga gets smogged.
It is time for MsTioga motor vehicle registration to be renewed. This time a smog test is required for this renewal. We spotted a smog place near RV Specialists, and went for the test. MsTioga with her almost unused catalytic converter passed her smog test with flying colors!
MsTioga at 15 Minute Smog.


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