Monday, April 30, 2007

9:30AM - Fleetwood Tioga plant tour begins in 30 minutes!
We are sooooooo excited about going on our tour of the Fleetwood's Class-C plant tour this morning.

After phoning Fleetwood a little while ago, we were told that George is the only person scheduled to go on this tour. A private tour!! Wow!
5300 Via Ricardo, where the Fleetwood tour begins.

12 Noon - The most amazing thing about our Fleetwood tour!
The thing that really impressed me most about the tour of the Class-C plant concerned the height of the floor.

Tiogas are now built with about the same floor height as the Class-A RVs. This means that Class-Cs now have super large outside storage. It also means that Class-Cs are way up in the air. This is an amazing surprise.

Another impressive thing is, that from the time a chassis enters the plant to the time that it emerges as a finished RV, only 4.5 days have elapsed!

12:30PM - Fleetwood loves MsTioga's fiberglass job!
Greg was our guide thru the Tioga plant. Greg loved MsTioga's fiberglass job! He said that he was going to talk to his manager about what he liked about our fiberglass.

Greg is responsible for quality control and dealer relations, and has worked at Fleetwood for over 26 years.

2:30PM - Where do you find fresh water?
Readers sometimes wonder where we find water to fill our fresh water tank. This afternoon we needed to fill up on propane, and asked the fellow doing the filling if there was a hose bibb that we could use for water? And he said, "Yes!"
Filling up MsTioga's fresh water tank.

3PM - Nite Camp in Hesperia.
The Town of Hesperia is a desert community. We've traveled 42 miles today, close to our target and are stopping here in Hesperia for the nite.

There is a fast food place nearby, and we can smell what must be onion rings frying. Driving us crazy!

6PM - Reader Rich drops by.
We were very happy to hear a knock on MsTioga's door this afternoon. It was Rich, a reader of our blog!!

Rich has been RVing for many years, and told of his travels in the State of Colorado. His stories make Colorado sound like a great place to go. MsTioga and The Team have never gone into Colorado before. We did come close to Colorado last year, when we traveled on the eastern side of Utah.
Reader Rich.


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