Tuesday, April 17, 2007

9AM - Tracfone is working!
When we got back from our morning walk, the new Tracfone was working! The screen shows that there are 20 minutes in our account.

Next thing is to go online to the Tracfone site and add the 1-year service card. With double minutes, the Tracfone will then have 800 minutes to use.

This phone will be mostly used for support problems and occasional calls to family.

10AM - A ton of fish.
The other day we found a great sale on frozen fish at the Food-4-Less market. This was a very good sale, and we now have a ton of fish in the freezer.

So George is putting fish into everything. This morning the scrambled eggs had a nice piece of fish mixed in. Wow! Eggs with fish are a good thing!
Eggs with fish breakfast.

2PM - Shopping for things for MsTioga.
MsTioga wants a tiny emergency generator, a replacement retractable step and vent for the bathroom.

You may remember that we sold our giant Onan generator to Johnny while we were in ConstituciĆ³n. George bashed in the retractable step when driving around in Mulege. And the bathroom vent flew away on the highway near Jose's Fiberglass Shop [George forgot to put a screw in the vent to secure it].

Anyway, we have not found anything to buy yet. However while searching, we spotted a movie theater! Hmmmmm? We have not been to a movie for months and months! We do not know what is showing yet, but we are going to take a peek!
George and MsTioga in the movie parking lot.

6PM - Don't understand movies anymore.
I picked a movie to go see because Quentin Tarantino is the director and I liked his "Pulp Fiction" with John Travolta and Samuel Jackson. Before the movie started came the coming attractions. There were no movies that I would choose to see. Lots of camera tricks and violence. I do not understand movies anymore.

The Quentin Terantino movie is titled "Death Proof" starring Kurt Russell. In this film, Russell plays a stunt man who likes to smash his car into other cars in order to kill people. I don't get it.

7PM - Nite Camped again in National City.
MsTioga and The Team are Nite Camped in the same location as yesterday. We do not usually Nite Camp in the same place on successive nites. However this is a good and quiet place and the plan is to be gone before people come to work around here tomorrow morning.


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