Thursday, May 31, 2007

9AM - Looking at the paper maps.
I've been looking at the paper maps this morning. Colorado is calling out to MsTioga and The Team. We are so close to Colorado, and never visited this state.

And yet, the view out MsTioga's window of this lovely campground in Capitol Reef Park calls out too. What will we do? Stay? Go?
View out MsTioga's window.

2PM - Our desert Camp.
Doesn't the pic below look as though MsTioga is Camped way out in the desert? We are a bit north of the Town of Hanksville, Utah. The rocks around here are gorgeous!

We've traveled 43 miles today. Just about the right distance to make our Nite Camp.
MsTioga in the desert.

3PM - How does the TiogaRV Team find so many Nite Camps?
If you are a new reader, you may be wondering how we find places to make our Nite Camps. Would you believe that for the first year of being a fulltimer, we worried about not being able to find a place to Camp for the nite. Then we came to thinking that we always do find our Camp. Then we stopped worrying about finding Nite Camps anymore.

When you start camping your RV away from RV campgrounds, you too will develop skills to find your own Nite Camps. Have you read MsTioga Magazine's


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

7AM - How did this rock get here?
Next to our campground in Capitol Reef National Park, is a small hill. On this hill is the flat rock that you see in the pic below.

How did this rock find its way to rest on this small hill? It is a mystery of the desert! 😀
Flat rock mystery.

9AM - MsTioga at Capitol Gorge.
There is a scenic road that takes visitors to the depths of Capitol Reef National Park. Near the end of this road begins Capitol Gorge, a dangerous place to be during a rain storm.

We have made a Day Camp here in the parking lot above Capitol Gorge.
George & MsTioga at Capitol Gorge.

1PM - The Egyptian Temple Camp.
We have moved back up-canyon. MsTioga is close to the Egyptian Temple. Everybody on The Team wants to stay here for awhile. It is a wonderful place.
The Egyptian Temple.

Our Camp below Egyptian Temple.

6:30PM - There's another Datastormer in the campground!
We looked at the Datastorm User's Map, and guess what we saw? There is another Datastorm user here in the campground. It is our friend Garry Porterfield, and he is camped only two sites away!

In the pic below, do you see MsTioga waiting in the background?

Garry, his dog Annie and George.

Nite Camp Location Link


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10AM - MsTioga is camped in Capitol Reef National Park.
We are in a bright Sun shiny campsite too. We got lucky because most of the campsites are underneath shade trees. Mr. Sunny, as you may know, needs his Sun to charge our solar battery bank.
George and MsTioga in Capitol Reef Park.

2PM - Readers Bob and Vicky come to call.
Everybody on The Team loves to meet readers who have been following our adventures. Bob and Vicky dropped by and we shared stories with each other. Wow! 😀
Vicky and Bob.

5PM - Why do people click?
Did you know that there is a science to learn "Why people click?" And also, "Where people click?" A lot of $money$ may be made on websites if the answers to these questions were known.

Have you noticed some recent changes in MsTioga's blog? We have been following suggestions by the Google people to improve clicking. Who would have believed that the color of a page changes what a reader clicks on? The Google people believe that they know, and we believe that they actually do know.

So when Google talks, Tioga and George listen! 😀

7PM - Sammy the bird.
Readers Bob and Vicky who visited us this afternoon travel with a dog and a bird. The bird's name is Sammy. When Little Mavicito and George went to visit, Sammy the bird was sooooooo friendly!
Sammy and George

Nite Camp Location Link


Monday, May 28, 2007

9:30AM - Heading easterly on Memorial Day.
As MsTioga and The Team passed thru towns along Hwy #12, flags were at half mast. It is Memorial Day and this day to remember was very evident in the Town of Escalante.

We stopped at the Cemetery in Escalante so that Little Mavicito could take the pic below which delivers the message more than words.

Memorial Day in the Town of Escalante.

1PM - Our highest elevation Camp ever.
MsTioga cannot remember making a Camp so high before. We are at the 9,214 foot elevation. MsTioga worked sooooooo very hard to climb up the steep grade, her mighty engine pounding with unyielding power! MsTioga is the most powerful RV in the history of the World, as you know!

We are in a forest of Aspen trees, and they are quaking as they are supposed to do.
MsTioga and The Team Camped at 9,214 foot elevation!

Note: Reader Don reminded that just a few days ago The Team camped at the 10,400 foot elevation. A higher elevation then today. Wow! Another senior moment!

5PM - How is our TracFone doing?
Everyday we have been seeing if our new TracFone finds a network. This TracFone is terrific, and finds a network almost everyplace.

TracFone is good for our use, because we hardly ever use it. No monthly charges. Everything is prepaid. Monthly cost is about $10 or less.

10PM - "Out of Africa."
This evening I watched the 1985 Oscar winning movie "Out of Africa." There is a scene where Karen and Denys travel across a plain in Kenya. They are in a car and make camps along the way.

I have dreamed of driving MsTioga in such places as this, and sharing my adventures with you. And I would love to share my adventures in all the continents of the World with you. Even though I know that these dreams will never in reality be, I see them in my mind's eye.


Nite Camp Location

Sunday, May 27, 2007

7AM - The TiogaRV Team mission.
If you have been reading our blog for awhile, you already know that our goal with our website is to share our vagabonding life with you. Our "Mission Statement" is at the bottom of each day's post.

Tioga and George have found great joy camping out in the wilds of the west! And even dry camping in cities and towns. Here in the State of Utah where we are now is especially wonderful. Utah has tons of places to make free camps.

One of the best things that we love about camping in the wild places is the view out MsTioga's windows. We have seen soooooooo many things when looking out thru our windows over the past five years.
Early morning view out MsTioga's window.

9:30AM - Mossy Cave in Bryce Canyon Park.
Our journey is taking us by Mossy Cave in the north end of Bryce Canyon National Park. Little Mavicito was very excited about our morning hike to see Mossy Cave and the close by water fall! It is a gorgeous day, perfect for hiking.
The groomed .4 mile trail to Mossy Cave.

Mossy Cave has water dripping from a spring.

Waterfall near Mossy cave.

11AM - Camped in the Dixie National Forest again.
MsTioga traveled 36 miles and we have made another Camp. As you may know, we on The Team love to go only short distances each day. Especially with gas costing about 45 cents each mile. For the past few days, our income from website advertisements has been up a bit, so the gas cost is not a big problem.

The Team's Camp is at a "Y" of two National Forest dirt roads. After breakfast we will hike up these roads a bit to see what our neighborhood is all about.
Our Camp in the Dixie Forest.

4:30PM - Exploring is easier with Google Earth!
Do you use Google Earth to look at the places where MsTioga makes Camp? We do too!

George and Little Mavicito walked about a 1/2 mile up the road and found the remains of an old truck. Then they decided to come back to MsTioga, and look around with Google Earth.
How many winters has this truck been here?


Google Map Anchor Link

Saturday, May 26, 2007

5:30AM - Mr. Wave6 keeps us warm all nite long.
Last nite MsTioga's forced air furnace decided not to work again. We have been having a bit of trouble with the furnace.

However, we have Mr. Wave6 aboard. He is our portable catalytic heater manufactured by U.S. Catalytic! Mr. Wave6 kept us nice and warm on only his medium setting.

9AM - Our Canon printer does not work!
I went to print something this morning, and Windows XP asked for the printer driver for our Canon Pixma iP1600 printer. When my son Joseph was installing drivers, I watched what he was doing. He searched for drivers on the web. So I did the same thing and found the required driver on a European website!

A device driver, or software driver is any computer program that allows other programs to interact with a computer hardware device. It makes me soooooo happy to download this driver thing, fumble thru the installation and have the computer install it perfectly!!

10:30AM - Cedar Breaks National Monument.
MsTioga and George were surprised and happy to find Cedar Breaks open. There were signs only about a week ago stating the Park was closed.

Just behind the Visitor's Center is Point Supreme!

Pano from Point Supreme.

Looking down into the Canyon.

3PM - Camped in Dixie Forest near Bryce Canyon.
We have made a Camp near Bryce Canyon in the Dixie National Forest. It is soooooo easy to find free camps in the State of Utah!

Yesterday we camped around the 10,400 foot elevation. Today's Camp is around 7,700 feet and MUCH warmer.
Our Camp in the Dixie Forest.

4:30PM - We captured a Bristle Cone Pine!
Little Mavicito and George captured a tree this morning in Cedar Breaks Park. It is a Bristlecone Pine, one of the world's longest living trees.

We published the pics and story of this captured Bristlecone Pine in our Tree Page. Have you ever looked at this page? Hmmmmmm? Take a peek, OK? It is the very last tree on the page, and may take a minute to download. We have captured a lot of trees along our journey!

Trees along our journey [link].


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Friday, May 25, 2007

8:30AM - Heading back into Cedar City.
When MsTioga checked her fresh water tank this morning, it was only 1/4 full. Since we are heading into the forest, the tank should be filled. Somehow we forgot to check the water level yesterday when we were in the Town of Cedar City.

9:30AM - Filling up at a city park.
Just as we entered the Town of Cedar City, we came to a nice park with a hose bibb. We asked and received permission to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank.
MsTioga getting water tank filled.

11:30AM - Camped in the Dixie National Forest.
Highway #14 is a very steep road heading east into the mountains. There were no level places all the way to the 9,000 foot+ summit!

We turned north on Highway #148 and climbed another 1,000 feet where we came to a very large and pretty flat meadow. There is grass all around our Camp and patches of snow may be seen here and there.
George, MsTioga and The Team at our Dixie Forest Camp.

4PM - Hike to see the snow.
Little Mavicito and George went on a hike across the grassy meadow to see the snow. On the way they encountered an object that could not be identified.

George thought the object was an observatory. However Little Mavicito is convinced that it is a space ship because it looks like the alien ship in the movie, "Starman." This object does NOT appear in Google Earth! Wow!
George touches the snow.

Is this an alien space ship?


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Thursday, May 24, 2007

7:00AM - Caig DeOxit did it again!
Yesterday we could not get an appointment for a mechanic to take a peek at what was wrong with MsTioga's forced air furnace. The furnace blower would start, but the burner would not ignite.

This morning it was decided to try to use Caig DeOxit on the furnace electrical connections. Would you believe that after Caig did its work, the burner started right up?! That Caig stuff is just plain miraculous!
George using Caig to fix MsTioga's furnace.

8:30AM - Cedar City is a big surprise!
This morning MsTioga and The Team drove north on Interstate #15. We passed thru high desert [5,000 feet] with very little services. We were very surprised when we entered the Town of Cedar City, to find a modern city with a Home Depot and The Wal*Mart!

We have made a Morning Camp at The Wal*Mart. After breakfast, we are going grocery shopping at The Wal*Mart, because it is a Super Center and has a grocery inside.

Also, we have to do research about traveling on State Highway #14 which goes easterly from Cedar City. When we were going with Joe to the Saint George airport, MsTioga turned back from Highway #14 when she read a sign that warned of a 10,000 foot mountain on this road. The Team would like to go on Highway #14 traveling thru the Dixie National Forest toward the Town of Panguitch. But that 10,000 foot elevation is a little scary.
The Team in the Town of Cedar City.

1:30PM - Coal Creek Camp.
Only a few miles east of Cedar City, MsTioga came to a bridge with a very short dirt road next to it. We are parked at the end of this dirt road.

Wow! What a nice site for our Nite Camp!

Coal Creek Camp.

6PM - Publishing from MsGQ again!
Yes! It's true! I am publishing from MsGQ now. For the last few days and much of this afternoon, I've been bringing files over from Mr. Chips to MsGQ.

Some time ago I made the decision to have a redundant computer aboard MsTioga. It is my feeling that I must have a 2nd tested computer with all of the software operating that does what I need in order to publish "The Adventures of Tioga and George."

When MsGQ crashed a few weeks ago, I was able to publish without any delay, because Mr. Chips is a duplicate of MsGQ. As you may see from the pic below, even the desktop background is the same on both computers.

When my son Joseph repaired MsGQ, he gave me a 1gb memory stick which has helped a lot to transfer files. Joseph also got all of my drivers operating properly, and now MsGQ's wireless system works flawlessly! Joseph is a software engineer and knows all about this computer stuff.

Mr. Chips on the right and MsGQ on the left.


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