Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10AM - MsTioga is camped in Capitol Reef National Park.
We are in a bright Sun shiny campsite too. We got lucky because most of the campsites are underneath shade trees. Mr. Sunny, as you may know, needs his Sun to charge our solar battery bank.
George and MsTioga in Capitol Reef Park.

2PM - Readers Bob and Vicky come to call.
Everybody on The Team loves to meet readers who have been following our adventures. Bob and Vicky dropped by and we shared stories with each other. Wow! 😀
Vicky and Bob.

5PM - Why do people click?
Did you know that there is a science to learn "Why people click?" And also, "Where people click?" A lot of $money$ may be made on websites if the answers to these questions were known.

Have you noticed some recent changes in MsTioga's blog? We have been following suggestions by the Google people to improve clicking. Who would have believed that the color of a page changes what a reader clicks on? The Google people believe that they know, and we believe that they actually do know.

So when Google talks, Tioga and George listen! 😀

7PM - Sammy the bird.
Readers Bob and Vicky who visited us this afternoon travel with a dog and a bird. The bird's name is Sammy. When Little Mavicito and George went to visit, Sammy the bird was sooooooo friendly!
Sammy and George

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