Saturday, May 12, 2007

12 Noon - These rocks are soooooo old.
Zion Park is in the middle of what is called the Grand Staircase of exposed geologic rocks. The youngest rocks in Zion are the oldest rocks in Bryce Canyon. The oldest rocks in Zion are the youngest rocks in the Grand Canyon.

The pic below of the Three Patriarchs [Jacob, Isaac and Abraham] show the layers of rock going back in time perhaps 200 million years. Can you imagine how long it took to form only one inch of these rocks?
Jacob, Isaac and Abraham in Zion Canyon.

3:30PM - Riding down the Pa'rus Trail.
Mr. Trek, Little Mavicito and George took the free tram bus up to Canyon Junction. That is where the Pa'rus trail begins. We rode like the wind down this trail, only slowing down when walkers were close.
George and Mr. Trek at Canyon Junction.


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