Friday, May 11, 2007

1PM - George in a campground?
I read this morning on the RV.NET forum, that I never stay in campgrounds. Yet as you may see from Little Mavicito's pic of me, here I am in Zion's South Campground.

How can this be? I do not know! It is a mystery.
George eating a pear in Zion campground.

8PM - A mellow day.
What a great day. Very mellow. Spent a lot of time watching the clouds drift by. Cooked up a batch of salmon pattys, and ate half the batch! Took several bike rides around the campground, and one into the Town of Springdale.

This evening, Little Mavicito and I went for a ride on Mr. Trek to the store just past the visitor's center. I bought my favorite ice cream bar in the store. Chocolate fudge!
George and the chocolate fudge bar.


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