Saturday, May 26, 2007

5:30AM - Mr. Wave6 keeps us warm all nite long.
Last nite MsTioga's forced air furnace decided not to work again. We have been having a bit of trouble with the furnace.

However, we have Mr. Wave6 aboard. He is our portable catalytic heater manufactured by U.S. Catalytic! Mr. Wave6 kept us nice and warm on only his medium setting.

9AM - Our Canon printer does not work!
I went to print something this morning, and Windows XP asked for the printer driver for our Canon Pixma iP1600 printer. When my son Joseph was installing drivers, I watched what he was doing. He searched for drivers on the web. So I did the same thing and found the required driver on a European website!

A device driver, or software driver is any computer program that allows other programs to interact with a computer hardware device. It makes me soooooo happy to download this driver thing, fumble thru the installation and have the computer install it perfectly!!

10:30AM - Cedar Breaks National Monument.
MsTioga and George were surprised and happy to find Cedar Breaks open. There were signs only about a week ago stating the Park was closed.

Just behind the Visitor's Center is Point Supreme!

Pano from Point Supreme.

Looking down into the Canyon.

3PM - Camped in Dixie Forest near Bryce Canyon.
We have made a Camp near Bryce Canyon in the Dixie National Forest. It is soooooo easy to find free camps in the State of Utah!

Yesterday we camped around the 10,400 foot elevation. Today's Camp is around 7,700 feet and MUCH warmer.
Our Camp in the Dixie Forest.

4:30PM - We captured a Bristle Cone Pine!
Little Mavicito and George captured a tree this morning in Cedar Breaks Park. It is a Bristlecone Pine, one of the world's longest living trees.

We published the pics and story of this captured Bristlecone Pine in our Tree Page. Have you ever looked at this page? Hmmmmmm? Take a peek, OK? It is the very last tree on the page, and may take a minute to download. We have captured a lot of trees along our journey!

Trees along our journey [link].


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