Wednesday, May 23, 2007

6:15AM - Saint George, Utah airport.
We made our Nite Camp at the Saint George airport. The alarm clock went off at 6am, and Joe is now going thru airport security and soon will be flying back to his home in California.

It was a wonderful thing to spend a whole week being with my son Joe. I will miss very much being with him!

8AM - Mr. Dometic and MsTioga's heater.
Mr. Dometic [refrigerator] has a warranty service agreement with the Dometic Company. This agreement requires an annual checkup. Also, Mr. Dometic has asked for his door seal to be replaced.

MsTioga's forced air furnace needs some service. The furnace has been failing to ignite and a bearing sounds like it is squeeking.

We are hoping to find an RV service company here in the City of Saint George to take care of both the refrigerator and forced air heater.

9:30AM - Heading north.
We were not able to make an appointment for MsTioga's service until next month! The Dometic and furnace service are not too urgent.

We decided to head north out of Saint George and search for adventure!

12 Noon - Camped near the Town of Toquerville.
We have made a Camp on a hill overlooking the Town of Toquerville. This Camp has a $million$ dollar view.

We have lots of stuff to do. Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank needs service. Also, now that my son Joe has fixed Ms. GQ, we have to transfer programs and data from Mr. Chips.
Nite Camp near Town of Toquerville.

4PM - Guacamole and chips treat.
After cleaning and watering Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank, MsTioga awarded me a treat for a job well done! It was a guacamole and chips treat!
Guacamole and chips.

Cleaned and watered solar battery bank.


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