Wednesday, May 16, 2007

6:30AM - Got back the lost Quicken accounting.
When Ms. GQ our laptop died on Monday evening, I thought that much of our financial data had been lost. However, I found that a backup had been made to the Buffalo external hard drive on April 6th!!

All of the money that was spent from April 6th to the present was still online at the credit card company and bank! Wow! So I was able to balance out the credit cards and bank to my Quicken accounting.

This may not seem like an important thing. However, I really want to keep publishing our budget info. I thought that a bunch of data had been lost. But now it is OK again!!

8AM - Heading south to Saint George, Utah.
My son Joe will be flying into Saint George this evening. I am soooooo excited about that! MsTioga and The Team are driving down to Saint George this morning.

Since Joe will be arriving around 11PM, we will likely Camp overnite at the airport.

10AM - Doing laundry in La Verkin.
As we entered the Town of La Verkin, there was a coin laundry just waiting for our wash. After the laundry, we will shop for groceries at the Farmer's Market across the street.
George & MsTioga at the La Verkin coin Laundry.

5PM - Camped on the mesa next to Saint George Airport.
When we arrived in the City of Saint George, MsTioga requested air conditioning service. We went to Dixie Auto, the same shop that serviced the front brakes last week. All of the O-ring seals were replaced, and MsTioga's A/C was recharged.

Next, George needed a haircut, and got that at the Dollar Cuts across the street from Dixie Auto.
Do you see the Mormon Temple below?

8PM -Sitting on the mesa.
What a wonderful place this mesa is! If I were a young man living in Saint George, I would certainly bring my girlfriend up here.

In the pic below, Little Mavicito catches George sitting out on the mesa, watching the World going by.
George on the mesa in MsTioga's protective shadow.


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