Monday, May 07, 2007

6:30AM - Has the TiogaRV Team become spoiled?
MsTioga has received several emails wondering about why we have been zipping along thru the State of Nevada?

Reader Tommy asks, "Wow, how many miles did you go today, 75?" And Reader Jerry writes, "You are not doing any exploring in Nevada? What is going on?"

MsTioga believes that The Team has actually been spoiled by the beautiful places that we have Camped in the past. "Parts of the Nevada desert are so plain", says MsTioga. "We want to go quickly to the gorgeous parks in Utah."

However, when we saw the river canyon in the pic below, we all wanted to make a Breakfast Camp here. This Camp is in the northwest corner of Arizona.

Our Breakfast Camp in Arizona.

10:30AM - MsTioga's front brake service.
MsTioga needs new front brake pads. We wanted to have this work done in Saint George, Utah, and found "Dixieland Auto Service." After talking to the mechanic, we decided to have the work done here.

It is important to have MsTioga's service done correctly and at the right time.

Gary, MsTioga's mechanic.

Facing the rotors.

Raybestos pads.

1PM - Lunch at the Saint George Airport.
The Saint George Airport is high on a hill overlooking the city. We wanted to take a look around up here, because son Joe will be flying here next week. Joe will spend several days living inside MsTioga and seeing some of Utah's wonderful National Parks.

After lunch, we will head out to Zion National Park.
View of Saint George from the airport.

3:30PM - MsTioga and The Team are in Zion!
Wow! Zion National Park!

We were lucky to find a nice Campsite with a clear view of the southern sky for Mr. Datastorm and lots of Sun for Mr. Sunny! Better to get here early in order to have site selection.
Zion NP, South Campground, Site #34.

Nite Camp Location Link

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