Saturday, May 19, 2007

6:30AM - Heading out early for Bryce Canyon.
We want to arrive early in order to find a campsite in Bryce. We have to find a site that has sun for Mr. Sunny, a view of the satellite for Mr. Datastorm and a site big enough for MsTioga.

8:30AM - Camped in Bryce Canyon's North Campground.
We were very lucky to find a good site. The campground has a lot of campers. Just over the hill from our site [#47], is the gorgeous Bryce Canyon with all of its hoodoos.
MsTioga in Bryce Canyon's North Campground.

10PM - Exploring Bryce Canyon Rim.
The Rim Trail is just beyond the hill behind our campsite. The view of Bryce Canyon from the Rim Trail is fantastic.
Joe looking at Bryce from the Rim Trail.

7:30PM - Chicken enchiladas for supper.
We decided to make a batch of chicken enchiladas, one of our favorite things to prepare.
Two enchiladas are gone?


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