Thursday, May 10, 2007

6:30AM - Putting up solar panels.
Last nite we used a lot of battery power watching "Cinderella Man", a DVD movie. So this morning we need about 70 amp-hours of solar power.

Zion Canyon has very steep walls, and the Sun does not shine on our solar panels until after 9am. By tilting our solar panels, we get more power from the early morning Sun.
Mr. Sunny with tilted panels.

9:30AM - Biking downhill at Zion Park.
Because of the wonderful trams here at Zion, we are able to bike downhill on two great bike runs. The Pa'rus Trail from mid-canyon down to South campground is one run. The other run is from Zion Park thru the Town of Springdale.

The trams have bike racks. This morning we rode downhill thru Springdale and rode the tram back to the park. A wonderful ride.
View from the last tram stop looking up canyon.

6PM - Schmoozing around the Park.
This afternoon we spent time talking with other campers. MsTioga calls this "Schmoozing." We love schmoozing.

7:30PM - Readers come to say "Hi".
We received an email from Reader CK, her husband Dave and son Luke. They are camping in nearby Watchman Campground and want to drop by and meet MsTioga and The Team!

Wow! Isn't that the greatest thing?!
CK, Luke and Dave [L-R].


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