Thursday, May 24, 2007

7:00AM - Caig DeOxit did it again!
Yesterday we could not get an appointment for a mechanic to take a peek at what was wrong with MsTioga's forced air furnace. The furnace blower would start, but the burner would not ignite.

This morning it was decided to try to use Caig DeOxit on the furnace electrical connections. Would you believe that after Caig did its work, the burner started right up?! That Caig stuff is just plain miraculous!
George using Caig to fix MsTioga's furnace.

8:30AM - Cedar City is a big surprise!
This morning MsTioga and The Team drove north on Interstate #15. We passed thru high desert [5,000 feet] with very little services. We were very surprised when we entered the Town of Cedar City, to find a modern city with a Home Depot and The Wal*Mart!

We have made a Morning Camp at The Wal*Mart. After breakfast, we are going grocery shopping at The Wal*Mart, because it is a Super Center and has a grocery inside.

Also, we have to do research about traveling on State Highway #14 which goes easterly from Cedar City. When we were going with Joe to the Saint George airport, MsTioga turned back from Highway #14 when she read a sign that warned of a 10,000 foot mountain on this road. The Team would like to go on Highway #14 traveling thru the Dixie National Forest toward the Town of Panguitch. But that 10,000 foot elevation is a little scary.
The Team in the Town of Cedar City.

1:30PM - Coal Creek Camp.
Only a few miles east of Cedar City, MsTioga came to a bridge with a very short dirt road next to it. We are parked at the end of this dirt road.

Wow! What a nice site for our Nite Camp!

Coal Creek Camp.

6PM - Publishing from MsGQ again!
Yes! It's true! I am publishing from MsGQ now. For the last few days and much of this afternoon, I've been bringing files over from Mr. Chips to MsGQ.

Some time ago I made the decision to have a redundant computer aboard MsTioga. It is my feeling that I must have a 2nd tested computer with all of the software operating that does what I need in order to publish "The Adventures of Tioga and George."

When MsGQ crashed a few weeks ago, I was able to publish without any delay, because Mr. Chips is a duplicate of MsGQ. As you may see from the pic below, even the desktop background is the same on both computers.

When my son Joseph repaired MsGQ, he gave me a 1gb memory stick which has helped a lot to transfer files. Joseph also got all of my drivers operating properly, and now MsGQ's wireless system works flawlessly! Joseph is a software engineer and knows all about this computer stuff.

Mr. Chips on the right and MsGQ on the left.


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