Wednesday, May 30, 2007

7AM - How did this rock get here?
Next to our campground in Capitol Reef National Park, is a small hill. On this hill is the flat rock that you see in the pic below.

How did this rock find its way to rest on this small hill? It is a mystery of the desert! 😀
Flat rock mystery.

9AM - MsTioga at Capitol Gorge.
There is a scenic road that takes visitors to the depths of Capitol Reef National Park. Near the end of this road begins Capitol Gorge, a dangerous place to be during a rain storm.

We have made a Day Camp here in the parking lot above Capitol Gorge.
George & MsTioga at Capitol Gorge.

1PM - The Egyptian Temple Camp.
We have moved back up-canyon. MsTioga is close to the Egyptian Temple. Everybody on The Team wants to stay here for awhile. It is a wonderful place.
The Egyptian Temple.

Our Camp below Egyptian Temple.

6:30PM - There's another Datastormer in the campground!
We looked at the Datastorm User's Map, and guess what we saw? There is another Datastorm user here in the campground. It is our friend Garry Porterfield, and he is camped only two sites away!

In the pic below, do you see MsTioga waiting in the background?

Garry, his dog Annie and George.

Nite Camp Location Link


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