Friday, May 04, 2007

7AM - MsTioga and The Team are in Las Vegas.
We have made our Camp on a side street, just off Las Vegas Boulevard, also called "The Strip". All around us are the fantastic hotel/casinos that make up the magic of this fantastic place!
MsTioga in Las Vegas.

7:30AM - Keeping grounded.
When I first met MsTioga and began to be a fulltimer, it was easy to stay grounded. My doctor had just declared me a cancer survivor. And the closeness to that remarkable day when my doctor told me, "George, you are in remission.", gave me wonderful perspective.

I promised myself that I would not take the things that make up my life for granted anymore. It was easy for the first years to keep this promise. Now I find that it takes much more discipline. Much more time.

I spend a great deal of time each day now simply thinking about my good fortune. Maybe this is meditating? Hmmmmm?

I think about how I have no pains in my joints. I think about being able to walk without crutches or a cane. Without the need for a walker. Although I wear glasses nearly all the time, my eyes work pretty good. I take no medication. I don't have headaches. It is easy for me to go up on to MsTioga's roof.

There are sooooooo many things that I must think about, in order to stay grounded. In order to understand completely how wonderful is my life. It takes a great deal of discipline for me to do this thinking. Because it is all too easy to focus in on the things that are difficult, the challenges. The things that are problems.

Thinking about all the good things puts my life back into perspective. Gets my feet back on the ground.

10AM to 4PM - Mr. Trek takes George & Little Mavicito on a tour of The Strip.
Have you wondered if we gamble our $money$ in the casinos? Not anymore. Years ago however, George was very fascinated with craps.

Have you ever played craps? It is an action game. Money may be gambled in a bunch of ways, with different odds on different bets. And of course, throwing the dice when it is your turn is soooooo exciting.

Today we spent quite a bit of time in the Sports Book place at the Luxor casino. We had no idea that so many different horse races were being run all over the country. Belmont. Hollywood Park. Churchill Downs. Bay Meadows.

Little Mavicito loves the Luxor Hotel, and took the pics below for you to see.
The Luxor Hotel and Casino.

The pyramid building is the entrance to Luxor's casino.


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