Wednesday, May 02, 2007

7AM - Somebody tried to steal Mr. Trek!
When we went outside this morning, we found Mr. Trek, our noble bicycle lying on the ground! Wow!

Somebody tried to steal Mr. Trek during the nite. However, after the thief took off the rubber clamps that hold Mr. Trek to the bike rack, our huge bike cable still held Mr. Trek securely to MsTioga's bumper hitch!
A thief tried to steal Mr. Trek!

9:30AM - Gasoline a challenge for The Team.
When we arrived in the desert Town of Baker, it was surprising to read the gas station signs showing the price of regular at $3.749/gallon!

At MsTioga's mileage rate, it would cost us over 50 cents/mile for gasoline. Hopefully when we reach Nevada, the price of gasoline will come down a bit.
Gasoline is zooming.

10AM - Camped in the Town of Baker.
MsTioga has found her Camp on the east side of the Town of Baker. We will likely stay the nite here.
Our Camp in the Town of Baker.

6PM - Camped in the desert.
We spent the afternoon next to a nice park with a green lawn. Very refreshing in a desert area.

MsTioga is now Nite Camped about a half mile away from Interstate #15. It should be very quiet here for sleeping.


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