Saturday, May 05, 2007

7AM - South Point Hotel for buffet breakfast.
Yesterday we walked over to the Tropicana for their breakfast buffet. Unfortunately we cannot give the Tropicana buffet a good rating.

On RV.NET, we read a good review of South Point Hotel's breakfast buffet, and that is where we went this morning. This buffet is in a spacious room. Lots of space between tables and has an attentive staff [mostly bi-lingual Spanish/English speaking]. The food is fresh, and the price is about 1/2 of the Tropicana's. We liked this place!
South Point Hotel has a good buffet.

10AM - Little Mavicito captures Mandalay Bay.
Last Nite's Camp was across from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The architecture of Mandalay Bay is exceptional, mainly because of the bright gold windows. The view of this place near sunset was just plain gorgeous.
Mandalay Bay at sunset.


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