Friday, May 25, 2007

8:30AM - Heading back into Cedar City.
When MsTioga checked her fresh water tank this morning, it was only 1/4 full. Since we are heading into the forest, the tank should be filled. Somehow we forgot to check the water level yesterday when we were in the Town of Cedar City.

9:30AM - Filling up at a city park.
Just as we entered the Town of Cedar City, we came to a nice park with a hose bibb. We asked and received permission to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank.
MsTioga getting water tank filled.

11:30AM - Camped in the Dixie National Forest.
Highway #14 is a very steep road heading east into the mountains. There were no level places all the way to the 9,000 foot+ summit!

We turned north on Highway #148 and climbed another 1,000 feet where we came to a very large and pretty flat meadow. There is grass all around our Camp and patches of snow may be seen here and there.
George, MsTioga and The Team at our Dixie Forest Camp.

4PM - Hike to see the snow.
Little Mavicito and George went on a hike across the grassy meadow to see the snow. On the way they encountered an object that could not be identified.

George thought the object was an observatory. However Little Mavicito is convinced that it is a space ship because it looks like the alien ship in the movie, "Starman." This object does NOT appear in Google Earth! Wow!
George touches the snow.

Is this an alien space ship?


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