Monday, May 14, 2007

8:30AM - What's in your pack?
Reader Robert noticed my fanny pack in a pic when Mr. Trek and I were riding in Zion Canyon. Robert wanted to know what is carried in my pack.

Here are the essential things that I have learned to carry always:
  • Small roll of toilet paper.
  • Bag of peanuts in a shell.
  • Camera [Little Mavicito].
  • Xtra batteries for camera.
  • Writing pad and pencil.
  • $20 bill.
  • Bottle of drinking water.
The fanny pack.

9AM - Why are you hanging around Zion?
Many readers have emailed asking why we are hanging around in Zion Park? As you may know, my son Joe will be flying into Saint George, Utah and he will be camping with me exploring a few of Utah's parks.

MsTioga and I are kicking back and not doing any exploring while we wait for Joe to arrive on Wednesday nite. We want to share the experience of Zion Canyon with Joe.

We could be exploring around the area outside of Zion, but for economic reasons, we have decided to just take it easy and stay put.

As MsTioga points out, it costs over $30 per hour to drive her around.

9PM - Ms. GQ our laptop computer has died!
This evening we tried to go online. Ms. GQ would would not boot-up. We tried everything, and it was no use.

We are using Mr. Chips, our desktop computer to go online now. Mr. Chips is pretty much a duplicate of Ms. GQ. However, we have to get used to using Mr. Chips. There are differences.

We apologize to Readers who have sent us emails. We lost a bunch of email with Ms. GQ's demise.

Ms. GQ has a three-year warranty with Fry's Electronics. We purchased Ms. GQ on October 11, 2005. So this warranty should be still good. However, we will have to contact Fry's Electronics tomorrow and find out how to exercise the warranty since we are in Utah, and Fry's is in California.


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