Wednesday, May 09, 2007

8:30AM - The Wildcat Buffet.
Zion Lodge is about 1/2 way up the canyon. The Red Rock Restaurant is on the 2nd floor of the Lodge. George and Little Mavicito decided to treat themselves to Red Rock's Wildcat Buffet this morning.

We love buffets. It is sooooooo hard to make only one pass thru the foodline. In fact, three passes are just about perfect.
The Zion Lodge.

4PM - Messing around in Zion Park.
As you know, my son Joseph will be flying to Saint George, Utah on Wednesday, May 16th. We will spend a week together exploring Zion and Bryce Canyon. I have decided to just mess around in Zion Park, not doing any exploring until Joseph arrives. I want to do my exploring with him!

When I was first in Zion last year, I took a pic which became one of my favorites. You may see that pic on my Homepage over the "Behind The Scenes" link. This afternoon, Little Mavicito and I decided to go out and try to re-capture this pic again!

Little Mavicito believes that it is the fence that makes this scene special for us. George wonders if it may be the canyon. Hmmmmm?

The pic below was taken in about the same location as last year. These pics are panoramas, and are a composite of several images in order to show a larger width than Little Mavicito is capable of capturing with one single image.
Looking north up Zion Canyon near South Campground.

The pic below was captured where the fence is straight. Little Mavicito likes the pic where the fence curves better!
The straight fence pic.


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