Tuesday, May 22, 2007

8AM - Ms. GQ comes back to life!
Joe has been thinking about Ms. GQ's problems. And now he believes he knows how to bring Ms. GQ back to life.

This morning Joe formatted Ms. GQ's hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP. And guess what? Ms. GQ, our loyal laptop computer is working fine and dandy!
Joe and Ms. GQ.

9AM - Joe flies back to California.
This morning we will be leaving Bryce Canyon and heading to Saint George, Utah. Joe will be flying back to California this afternoon.

What a great adventure we had together!
Goodbye hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.

4:25PM - Missed the flight back home!
We went out for lunch, and forgot about the time. Joe had a 4:30pm flight and we got to the airport at 4:25pm. Wow!

A new reservation was made for tomorrow morning with a 7:30am take-off. We will be at the airport tomorrow at 6:30am!
Watching Joe's plane head west!


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