Monday, May 28, 2007

9:30AM - Heading easterly on Memorial Day.
As MsTioga and The Team passed thru towns along Hwy #12, flags were at half mast. It is Memorial Day and this day to remember was very evident in the Town of Escalante.

We stopped at the Cemetery in Escalante so that Little Mavicito could take the pic below which delivers the message more than words.

Memorial Day in the Town of Escalante.

1PM - Our highest elevation Camp ever.
MsTioga cannot remember making a Camp so high before. We are at the 9,214 foot elevation. MsTioga worked sooooooo very hard to climb up the steep grade, her mighty engine pounding with unyielding power! MsTioga is the most powerful RV in the history of the World, as you know!

We are in a forest of Aspen trees, and they are quaking as they are supposed to do.
MsTioga and The Team Camped at 9,214 foot elevation!

Note: Reader Don reminded that just a few days ago The Team camped at the 10,400 foot elevation. A higher elevation then today. Wow! Another senior moment!

5PM - How is our TracFone doing?
Everyday we have been seeing if our new TracFone finds a network. This TracFone is terrific, and finds a network almost everyplace.

TracFone is good for our use, because we hardly ever use it. No monthly charges. Everything is prepaid. Monthly cost is about $10 or less.

10PM - "Out of Africa."
This evening I watched the 1985 Oscar winning movie "Out of Africa." There is a scene where Karen and Denys travel across a plain in Kenya. They are in a car and make camps along the way.

I have dreamed of driving MsTioga in such places as this, and sharing my adventures with you. And I would love to share my adventures in all the continents of the World with you. Even though I know that these dreams will never in reality be, I see them in my mind's eye.


Nite Camp Location