Friday, June 01, 2007

4AM - Working on our 2003 blog posts.
Last fall [2006], Blogger was creating their "New Blogger." When we switched over from "Old Blogger" to "New Blogger", somehow most of our pics for the year of 2003 were deleted. MsGQ and George have been working on republishing these deleted pics.

We also would like to have the "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" buttons included in our 2003 posts. This morning we have republished up thru part of July, 2003. It is a slow process, but fortunately we like to do this kind of stuff.

12 Noon - Camped in the Town of Green River.
This Town is named after the slow flowing Green River which flows southerly to the east of our Camp. MsGQ and George have been working on our budget statement since we made our Camp here. Would you like to see it?

You will find the link to our budget in the "Behind the Scenes" section of our Home Page or click the link below:

Our Green River, Utah Camp.

4:30PM - Propane testing story for MsTioga Magazine.
We just published a story of how we test our propane system. This story is a draft and not the final version.

We are testing out a new template for MsTioga Magazine stories that is based on our Blog template. The propane testing story is using this template.

Propane Test.


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