Saturday, June 02, 2007

5:30AM - Heading for Canyonlands National Park.
We had a Team Meeting last nite, and it was decided to break Camp early this morning. Our main goal in visiting Canyonlands Park, is to visit and take pics of the fabulous Mesa Arch.

There is only one campground in this part of Canyonlands, It is called Willow Flat. In order to have a good chance of securing a campsite in this tiny campground, we want to arrive very early.

7:30AM - Willow Flat Campground.
When MsTioga and The Team arrived at Willow Flat campground, we found all of the campsites filled! We walked thru the campground checking the registration stubs clipped to the post at each site. We were looking for campers who will be leaving the campground this morning. Very lucky for us, we found one site where the campers will be leaving after breakfast.
After registering to stay for two nites, MsTioga took off for Mesa Arch.

8AM - Mesa Arch trail.
We have made a Day Camp in the parking area for the Mesa Arch trail. Little Mavicito is very anxious to go look at Mesa Arch. However, it is tomorrow morning before sunrise that we have come to take pics.

In the early morning, the Sun rises behind and shines up thru Mesa Arch. The sunlight streaming thru the arch creates fabulous colors as the light illuminates the rock. That pic is what we are here in Canyonlands to capture.
MsTioga at Mesa Arch trail head.

2PM - Afternoon pics of Mesa Arch.
Little Mavicito is very enthusiastic to take an afternoon panorama of Mesa Arch. He wants to show you a comparison of the Arch at early morning and now in the afternoon.

The early morning pic was taken in May, 2006 when we last visited Canyonlands.

Mesa Arch, early morning vs mid-afternoon.

5PM - Camped at Willow Flat Campground.
Many would-be campers drive thru the campground and find no empty sites. This is a very small campground.

Little Mavicito wanted to walk down to the close-by Green River Overlook. So, we did! It must have been a wet winter here in Canyonlands. The hills are covered with green grasses and even some flowers!

Do you see the Green River flowing down there?


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