Sunday, June 03, 2007

5AM - Heading for Mesa Arch!
MsTioga and The Team broke our Willow Flat Camp and headed out for Mesa Arch. We want to be sure to arrive at Mesa Arch before sunrise. As we were driving away from Camp, the sky was just turning from black to blue.

Little Mavicito is soooooo excited about taking panos of the Arch. And everybody on The Team is excited for him!

5:30AM - At Mesa Arch.
When we arrived at Mesa Arch, there were already two cars in the parking area. It was still darkish. And when we got to the Arch, there were four photographers there. Three of them since 3AM! Wow!

The light from the Sun peaked over the mountains at 5:55am. Little Mavicito captured seven panos, one every 5-10 minutes as the light changed. The last pano was the one we chose to publish.
Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park.

9AM - Breakfast Camped at Grand View Point.
The Overlook at Grand View Point looks south into the depths of the canyon. The Colorado flows unseen in this canyon and somewhere to the right of this pic, meets with the Green River.
View from Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park.

3PM - Somebody's been camping in our campsite!
When we returned to the campground, we found that somebody was occupying our site!

MsTioga said, "Somebody setup a tent in our site!"

Little Mavicito said, "Somebody took off our registration stub from the post!"

And George said, "Wow!" [George always says, "Wow!"]
Who put a tent in our campsite?

Note: About an hour later, a guy drove up and wondered why MsTioga was in his campsite. I offered to let him stay in my site, and he declined. He was able to find an empty site, and moved.

9PM - How to make panoramas.
Most of my pics now, are panoramas. Little Mavicito is a small camera. However, with panorama software, we are able to make wide sweeping panoramic shots.

Would you like to make panoramas too? Click on the link below to take a peak at our panorama page.


Google Map Anchor Link

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