Monday, June 04, 2007

6:30AM - Back up at Mesa Arch.
Little Mavicito wanted to capture a hi-resolution pic of the Arch. When we got up there, the light was much more subdued and subtle. We reduced the density of this pic in order for it to download faster.
Mesa Arch - one last time.

7:30AM - Heading to Arches National Park.
The TiogaRV Team is making an early start toward Arches National Park. We want to arrive early to secure a campsite for our visit.

9AM - Day Camped in Arches National Park.
The campground is very small, and filled with campers. So, we will only be able to stay in Arches for the day.

This park is enormously gorgeous. It would take a great many days to explore this park. Too bad that we have only a few hours.

10:15AM - We got a campsite!
Just after breakfast, up drove Reader Jim Gass and his wife Jo. Jim and Jo are camphosts here in Arches Park. Guess what happened? Jim helped us secure a campsite in the campground!

Isn't that the greatest thing?

Reader and Camphost, Jim Gass.

11:30AM - Hiking Devils Garden.
Little Mavicito and George hiked the Devils Garden Trail. This is a busy trail, with lots of hikers.
Fellow hikers.

Tunnel Arch.

Landscape Arch.

Pine Tree Arch.

3:30PM - Reader Bill comes to call.
We were walking around MsTioga, when Reader Bill came by to say, "Hi!" Bill has a Class 'A' Monaco, and has been a fulltimer for a few years.

Bill has a friend name Thuy [twee], who also reads our blog.
Bill says "hi" to his friend Thuy.

8:30PM - MsGQ & George repair blog to August, 2003.
Everyday, MsGQ & George have been spending time restoring and improving their blog. There are now "Yesterday" & "Tomorrow" buttons from the blog's beginning in May, 2003 thru August, 2003.

Our goal is to have "Yesterday" & "Tomorrow" buttons for every post. We want readers to go from the beginning to the end without having to use Blogger's archives.


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