Monday, June 18, 2007

6:30AM - Heading north to the City of Montrose.
We plan to take a peek at Montrose, and then continue east to Black Canyon National Park. We have no idea what Black Canyon National Park is all about. It will be a BIG surprise!

8AM - Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.
MsTioga pulled mightily up the long steep road into Gunnison Park. By the time MsTioga reached the entrance sign, even she was breathing hard!

Our Camp is inside a grove of small trees. It is very quiet here, and most of the camp sites are empty. The first thing that we will do, is hike to the Visitor's Center and get the low down on the Park.
Camp #C1 in Gunnison Campground.

9AM to 12 Noon - Hike to Gunnison Point.
Gunnison Point is just below the Black Canyon Visitor Center. The trail is one mile long, with not too many ups and downs.
Little Mavicito captures George on the trail.

The view from Gunnison Point is spectacular. As you may see in the pic below, the point is way-out-there!
Gunnison Point.

The two pics below were captured by Little Mavicito out on Gunnison Point.

Do you see the Gunnison River at the lower left of this pano?

Little Mavicito zoomed in on the river shown in the lower left above. The river is more than 1/2 mile down in the canyon!
Zoom showing the Gunnison River.

6PM to 7:30PM - Watching Sundown over the canyon.
Little Mavicito, our new Baby TriPod and George went out on the Rim Trail to watch as the day ended over Gunnison Canyon.

8PM - Cheeseburger Wrap!
This evening we made a cheeseburger with onions and wrapped it in a flour tortilla. Then the wrapped burger was fried to make the tortilla crisp. It was the first time we had a wrapped burger. It was very good.

The TiogaRV Team does not buy bread. We use flour tortillas because tortillas last without getting stale.
Cheeseburger Wrap.


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