Tuesday, June 12, 2007

6:30AM - A rainy morning.
There is a drizzly rain this morning as we head south out of our forest Nite Camp. It looks like a tough day for our Mr. Sunny to charge his solar battery bank.
Rain clouds and a green forest.

9:30AM - Day Camped in Dolores, Colorado.
There is a nice park in the Town of Dolores. MsTioga has made our Day Camp in this park. We would like to stay over nite in Dolores. George wants to get a haircut here

We are heading south to Mesa Verde National Park. But we are not in a hurry to get there. Tomorrow would be a good day to arrive at the Park. Did you know that Mesa Verde National Park is named as one of the top 50 places to visit in the World by National Geographic?

Day Camped in Dolores town park.

3PM - How did we get to Mesa Verde National Park?
We were looking for a Nite Camp in the Town of Dolores. We kept looking and driving and suddenly we were close to Mesa Verde National Park!

MsTioga has paid to stay in the Park's campground for three nites.
MsTioga and The Team in Mesa Verde National Park.


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