Saturday, June 23, 2007

6AM - Addicted to rivers.
When I discovered the thrill of running rivers in 1977, my sons and I often drove hundreds of miles on a weekend just to look at whitewater. We would find a rapid, and look at it endlessly wondering how to run it.

This morning MsTioga and The Team are close to the Arkansas River, a premier whitewater stream. We went out looking to find access places simply to look at the water. We did not initially find any place to look at the Arkansas River. However we did find a spectacular view of the Town of Buena Vista, and the Sawatch Mountain Range to the west.
Town of Buena Vista and Sawatch Mountains.

8:30AM - River Park, "A path along the river."
While exploring around River Park, we found a path that went right along the Arkansas River! What a dream. A river lover may walk up this path and look at rapid after rapid!

MsTioga is now Day Camped in the Town of Buena Vista's River Park, only a few feet from the Arkansas River.
View from the riverside path.

3:30PM - Sure looks like a lot of fun!
I don't run rivers anymore. It seems to me that I would not be safe swimming thru a good size rapid, being 69-1/2 years old.

I've run a ton of rivers when I was younger. And swam thru a lot of rapids, and will never forget.
Rafters paddle by our Day Camp.

8:30PM - Nite Camped on the west side of Buena Vista.
A dirt road goes up toward the west in the Town of Buena Vista. There are tall mountains ahead with snow near the peaks. These are the Sawatch Mountains and the Continental Divide. Our Camp is near the foot of these mountains.

From here we are able to see across the valley to the east. Somewhere in the distance rises the Rocky Mountains.


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