Tuesday, June 05, 2007

6AM - Breaking camp.
We are heading down canyon to the Delicate Arch trail near Wolfe Ranch. We want to get an early start in order to avoid the heat of day.

6:30AM - Delicate Arch Trail.
There are only two other cars in the parking lot at the trail head. We like to hike on a trail with only the sounds of nature and our own footsteps.

The trail climbs steadily, much of it over very huge rock slabs.
Early in the hike.

Delicate Arch is 1.5 miles from the trail head. We are surprised when we arrive, because Little Mavicito thought that we had a lot further to go!

Delicate Arch at morning.

8:30AM - Return to MsTioga.
It only took us 2 hours to make the three mile round-trip. Pretty good, huh?

When we got close to MsTioga, we took the side trail and visited the petroglyph. A marker stated that these rock drawings were made by Ute Indian people between 1650AD and 1850AD.

Ute Indian petroglyph.

12Noon - Doing laundry in Moab.
MsTioga drove down the mountain from Arches National Park on only gas fumes. We were soooooo lucky to make it to the gas station. $100 for gas! The most that we can remember for a tank fill up!

Now we are at the laundromat washing clothes.

4PM - MsGQ in the park in the Town of Moab.
It is a bit warm inside MsTioga, so MsGQ decided to go wireless in a park in Moab, Utah. This is the first time that we tried this wireless stuff outside of MsTioga. it is pretty cool!
MsGQ and George, online in the park!

5PM - Matrimony Spring.
The TiogaRV Team would like to make Nite Camp along the Mighty Colorado River! Heading out of the Town of Moab, we turned northeasterly on Hwy #128.

We came upon Matrimony Spring, a pipe with water flowing continuously and coming out of the rock of the canyon wall. Six other water lovers were there gathering their water also.
George filling up at Matrimony Spring.

7PM - Nite Camped next to the Colorado River.
After Matrimony Spring, we continued on along Hwy #128. We came upon several BLM campgrounds which had many campers, many with RVs. However, we did not like the look of these campgrounds, and kept going.

We came upon a dirt road leading toward the Colorado River. There were no campers to be seen. MsTioga liked this place, and so did everybody else on The Team.
Our Nite Camp along the Mighty Colorado.


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