Thursday, June 14, 2007

6AM - Chapin Mesa.
The TiogaRV Team is heading to Chapin Mesa. All of the activities on Chapin Mesa are self-guided, no ticket is required. Spruce Tree House is located here and is Mesa Verde's best-preserved cliff dwelling. The Archaeological Museum is here too.

7AM - Day Camp in overload parking area.
MsTioga and The Team have made a Day Camp in the overload parking area on Chapin Mesa. This area is specifically designated for RVs. MsTioga has been thinking about spending her day here.

Little Mavicito will be going out later to search for adventure at Spruce Tree House!

MsTioga on Chapin Mesa.

9:30AM - Visiting Spruce Tree House.
The path to Spruce Tree House descends down behind the museum. It is a nice paved path, an easy walk.
First look at Spruce Tree House.

Richard Wetherill and Charlie Mason, cowboys from nearby Mancos, Colorado, discovered Mesa Verde in December, 1888. Below is what we believe to be an 1891 pic of Spruce Tree House.
1891 pic of Spruce Tree House.

Below is an exceptional pic! This is a pic of Spruce Tree House captured by an unknown photographer during July, 1252. That was 755 years ago! Wow!

This 1252AD pic below is sort of grainy, because the cameras of those days were not of high quality as they are today.

Spruce Tree House in July, 1252.

And below is a pic of Spruce Tree House taken by Little Mavicito this morning.
Spruce Tree House, June 14, 2007.


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