Tuesday, June 19, 2007

6AM - Exploring the South Canyon Rim.
MsTioga and The Team are moving out early along the South Rim Road. Little Mavicito hoped to capture some pics of the Canyon's depths. We found that the Sun must be higher in order to illuminate way down there.

It is really very deep and scary to stand close to the cliffs. The marker in the pic below describes exactly how it feels.
Looking into the canyon.

7:30AM - Picnicking at High Point.
We have made a Picnic Stop at High Point at the end of South Rim Road. We will stay here until later in the day when the Sun will be shining down to the bottom of the canyon. There is a trail here named Warner Point that we may follow.

9:30AM - Warner Point & Old Father Sheep.
Little Mavicito and George thought that their hike to Warner Point was only to take a nice pic of Black Canyon Gorge. As you may see from the pic below, the view from Warner Point is awesome. But there was more!
Warner Point view.

Just behind us, quietly and patiently waiting to be seen, was Old Father Sheep. And he was only 10 feet away!!
Old Father Sheep resting.

Old Father Sheep standing up.

Young Timid Sheep was there too. However, Young Timid was afraid to stay close to George & Little Mavicito.
Young Timid Sheep.

Old Father Sheep stayed right there under his tree for the entire time we were there at Warner Point. And we were there for over an hour!

11:30AM - Painted Wall.
One of the most famous views at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is Painted Wall. A gorgeous and huge pic of Painted Wall is in the brochure that is given out by the National Park Service at the Park's entrance.

Little Mavicito was looking at the brochure, and decided that he wanted a crack at capturing Painted Wall. What do you think? Hmmmmm?
Little Mavicito's Painted Wall.

7PM - A case for being lucky.
I would say positively, that I am a very lucky guy. As a vagabond, explorer, writer, photographer; I get to wander around taking pics of things that I see. And then, I write stories about those pics. What could be better than that?

But I had to be very lucky to find my way to this life, this vagabonding job. Everything had to be perfect. If I had a bunch of $money$, I don't believe that it would be the same. No, I have to need to work. Of course some of you might feel that what I do is not work. And, you may have a point. But if I don't do what I do, the $money$ stops coming in. Does that make what I do a job? Hmmmm?

But I have to be lucky at my job. Take today for instance. Little Mavicito and I wandered up to Warner Point and met Old Father Sheep. A very lucky thing meeting Old Father Sheep. Without that meeting, the story would not have been the same. I am lucky that way, because I seem to just run into things.

If you guessed that things do not really "just" happen, you would be right. I have a lot of faith that what I am doing and where I am going is right. I believe! I try very hard not to be "double minded", as it says in the bible. And for some reason, the more that I try to live the life that I believe that I should be living, the luckier I seem to be.


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