Thursday, June 21, 2007

6AM - Mr. Datastorm was sooooo worried!
Yesterday evening, Mr. Datastorm tried to go online and he couldn't do it! Something was wrong, and Mr. Datastorm got some terribly bad error signals. Don't computer error signals seem mysterious to you?

George went up on to MsTioga's roof and looked at all of Mr. Datastorm's cable connections and sprayed Caig DeOxit on all of the cable ends. That was all that we could do!

All thru the evening Mr. Datastorm tried and tried to go online and could not get there. We went to sleep and had dreams about poor Mr. Datastorm. And guess what? This morning Mr. Datastorm was able to go online and is his old self.

We do not know what the problem was. But we are soooooo happy that Mr. Datastorm is working fine again.

10:30AM - Doing laundry in Gunnison.
It is laundry day! Just after we entered the City of Gunnison, there was our laundry!

Mr. Datastorm went up, found his space station and is online! Wow! We are always a little concerned when Mr. Datastorm hiccups!
MsTioga at High Country West Laundry.

2PM - Napping near a creek.
MsTioga is Day Camped near downtown Gunnison. There is a creek flowing alongside our Camp! Really! I am not kidding. Instead of channeling this creek into pipe, it runs alongside the sidewalk.

It is really easy to take a nap with this tiny creek making its flowing sounds. Maybe it's because I am a California boy that I'm blown away by a creek? It is soooo beautiful to have water flowing like this.
A tiny creek in Gunnison.

6PM - Nite Camped in the City of Gunnison.
We have found our Nite Camp site. It is across the road from The Wal*Mart, on a side street.

During the afternoon we filled MsTioga's fresh water tank at a city park where there was a baseball game going on. We also filled our three drinking water jugs. We went grocery shopping and filled MsTioga's gasoline tank.

Mr. Dometic has asked for his freezer to be defrosted. So, we are putting pots of hot water into the freezer to speed the defrosting.

We are busy bees!
Defrosting Mr. Dometic's freezer.

7PM - We have a visitor!
Reader Matt Schwartz dropped by to say, "Hi!" Matt has been reading our blog since 2004. He and his family live in the City of Gunnison.

Matt revealed that what we thought was a creek in Gunnison, is actually an irrigation system for the whole town. They are man-made creeks!

We got to talking about where to go next, and Matt suggested traveling north into the Gunnison National Forest where it is very beautiful.

We forgot to take a pic of Matt to show you! Darn!


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