Tuesday, June 26, 2007

6AM - Rocky Mountain National Park.
We are heading north out of the Town of Granby for Rocky Mountain National Park. We always make a beeline for the campground when we go to a National Park. However, after we were driving thru Rocky Mountain National Park for a bit, it came clear that up in the mountains was where it's at.

7:30AM - Heading up the mountain.
As MsTioga climbed up into the Rocky Mountains, we were all looking for a place to stop for Little Mavicito to capture some pics. We came to a place where MsTioga was able to park.
Looking south.

MsTioga and the Rocky Mountains.

8AM - The Continental Divide.
We came to the top of the road. We did not understand that this would have been a wonderful place to make a Morning Camp. There were elk here grazing near Lake Poudre.
The Continental Divide.

A little farther along the road, we all were amazed to see that we could look down at many of the Rocky Mountains.

9AM - Rainbow Curve.
We made a Morning Camp at "Rainbow Curve", which is a parking area overlooking toward the east. We are at 10,828' elevation.
View from Rainbow Curve.

11:30AM - Aspenglen Campground.
MsTioga has found her Camp. Site #38 in Aspenglen Campground. This is a gorgeous place. The rapidly tumbling Fall River flows by here, and not too far away!
Aspenglen Campground.

12:30AM - Reader Len Winger.
Len was online with his computer, and tuned into the Tioga & George blog. Len was surprised to read that MsTioga was parked just behind his own RV. Isn't that something?! So, he walked outside and came over to say, "Hi!"

Len has his own blog, Len Winger's Travel Journal.
Reader Len Winger, on the road.

8PM - Banks Transcommand for sale on Ebay.
I've put my Banks Transcommand unit up for sale. Never installed it because of broken connector on MsTioga's tranny.

Take a peek, especially if you have a Ford E40D transmission.


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