Friday, June 22, 2007

7:30AM - Morning Camped in the Gunnison National Forest.
We headed out north, and when MsTioga came to the little Town of Almont she turned east on Hwy #742. The gorgeous Taylor River flows along this road.

When we came to a nice clearing along the river, we made our Morning Camp.
George looking at the Taylor River.

12:30PM - Camped in a forest meadow.
The Team has found its Camp in a meadow in the forest. All about us are a border of fir trees and a field of flowers and grass.
Our forest Camp.

View from MsTioga's window.

1:30PM - Tuna salad for lunch.
It is time for lunch, and it seems as though tuna salad is on the menu. In the pic below are all of the fixings.
Would you like tuna salad for lunch at MsTioga's?

3PM - George cannot sleep at this elevation.
That's right! I went to take a nap, and I cannot breathe normally at this elevation. I have to breathe deeply to get enough air. When I went to take a nap and breathed deeply, I woke up.

Wow! I think that I will have to move Camp to a lower elevation in order to sleep. We will head east and find a Nite Camp on the other side of the Continental Divide.

4PM - The Continental Divide.
We went up the mountain and have reached the Continental Divide. MsTioga had no problem driving up to 12,000+ feet in elevation!! The views from here are spectacular.

View looking west.

View looking east.

5PM - In the Town of Buena Vista.
The Team was not able to find a forest Camp after we crossed the Continental Divide. MsTioga kept going and we are now Nite Camped in the Town of Buena Vista.
MsTioga Camped in the Town of Buena Vista.

6PM - The Arkansas River.
I first began running rivers in raft and kayak in 1977. My son David who loved to run rivers too, had a high school friend who was an excellent kayaker. This friend talked about how wonderful it was to kayak on the Arkansas River.

The Arkansas River flows at the east side of the Town of Buena Vista. Mr. Trek, Little Mavicito and George drove over to the Arkansas River to see what it looked like.

We were very lucky to find a very good kayaker playing in a rapid!
Wow! We love to watch kayakers!


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