Saturday, June 09, 2007

7AM - Gateway Canyons.
Five miles down the road from our Nite Camp, we came across Gateway Canyons, a store, hotel and auto museum that blends in with the red rock canyon

The auto museum opens at 10am and we would have stayed around.....if it were a P51 Fighter Plane Museum!
Gateway Canyons.

8AM - Camped along the Dolores River.
Hwy #141 now goes alongside the Dolores River. MsTioga went slowly down this road looking at the views and after awhile, made a Camp close to the River.

The canyon with its red rock walls is absolutely gorgeous.

1PM - Perception of freedom.
Readers email me sometimes wondering how I am able to live this vagabonding life and remain sooooooo happy. The answer is an easy one. I perceive how wonderfully free I am. And that perception allows me to know how fabulous is my life.

There are people who are sick, crippled, old, jailed. These people cannot do what I do. However, I may use my mind to perceive those people and compare them to myself. In that comparison, how may I be anything else but wondrously happy with my life?

I am free! I am healthy. My legs take me wherever I wish to walk. My refrigerator is filled with food. My bed at nite is warm. MsTioga protects me from the weather.

God has given me one more chance to understand. I will never take what that means for granted again!

George posting the Blog.

3:30PM - Nite Camped over the Dolores River.
Our Nite Camp is on a plateau over the Dolores River. About fifty yards in front of MsTioga, is the gorge cut by this swiftly flowing stream.

You may have noticed that MsTioga has only been traveling about 30 miles each day since we left the City of Grand Junction. This is in order to stay within our gasoline budget. It is easy to make close Camps here in Colorado where Camps are plentiful.
Do you see the Dolores River flowing on the left of this pic?

7PM - Is there a best direction to park when Camping?
Mr. Dometic, our hardworking refrigerator answers, "Yes!" If you are able, always park your RV so that the refrigerator's exterior cabinet is away from the Sun.

The very knowledgeable MsTioga says "Yes" too! On hot days point the front of your RV toward the west. Pointing west will mean that the smallest surface absorbs the Sun's heat during the afternoon. If the Sun is allowed to shine on the side of your RV, much more heat will absorbed because the surface of the side is so large.


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