Thursday, June 07, 2007

7AM - Mr. Dometic needs his annual inspection.
Mr. Dometic [refrigerator] has a six-year service contract with the Dometic Company which requires an annual inspection to make sure everything is working right. We are going this morning to Miller's Appliance here in the City of Grand Junction, Colorado to get that inspection.

We have located Miller's Appliance using our Team Member, Mr. DeLorme [GPS system]. As you may know, Mr. DeLorme lives in MsGQ, our laptop computer. Did you know that MsGQ has her own front shelf to sit on while MsTioga is traveling? George built MsGQ her front shelf a few years ago in son David's woodshop!
MsGQ on her shelf displaying Mr. DeLorme.

7:30AM - Miller's Appliance.
We found Miller's Appliance easily following Mr. DeLorme's map directions. We phoned Wayne Miller using our wonderful new Tracfone. Wayne told us to come right over and that he would do the inspection. That is what we like about small towns. The service is just fantastic

Miller's Appliance is located in a workshop in Wayne Miller's backyard. Isn't that the greatest thing? Wayne walked out of his home and a few feet later he was at work!

Wayne cleaned up the control cabinet of Mr. Dometic and blew out the vent with a compressed air hose. Wayne made all the checks required for our annual inspection. Mr. Dometic passed with flying colors!

Wayne told us that Mr. Dometic's propane flame looks a lot better now that the pipes are clean!

Wayne checking Mr. Dometic.

2PM - Heading out of Grand Junction.
We decided to head southwest out of Grand Junction. MsTioga saw on our paper Colorado map the dotted route of State Hwy #141 which indicates a scenic road. MsTioga likes those dotted routes.

On the way out of town, we noticed that gasoline prices are plummeting! MsTioga believes that not too long from now prices like these will seem terribly cheap!
Plummeting gas prices!

4PM - Camped high above East Creek.
We traveled up a canyon on Hwy #141 and came to a dirt road. From here we are able to look down on the tumbling water of East Creek.
Our Camp above East Creek.


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  1. Today gas in my town in Northern New Mexico is 1.89 at our local Smith's grocery gas station and we usually get 30 cents off that from grocery points so it's 1.59. WOW!!!!!