Monday, June 11, 2007

7AM - Telluride!
There is something about the name "Telluride" that brings excitement. This is a mining town. But we have the feeling that precious metal isn't what is being mined here.
Downtown Telluride.

Below is a pic of a For Sale home captured from the window of a real estate office.
This $price$ is for one home.

7:30AM - The Gondola.
We have moved to a parking place for MsTioga, and will take the Goose Bus over to the Gondola that will take us up the mountain.

9AM - Wow! What a gondola ride!
Little Mavicito noticed that George was holding on to the bench as the Gondola hurtled up the mountain. "Are you scared?", asked Little Mavicito. "No, but I think it is better to hold on to the bench!", replied George.
Telluride from Gondola.

Map of the ski runs.

Do you see MsTioga way down there?

10:30AM - Mountain view.
After leaving the Town of Telluride, MsTioga climbed high up into the mountains. We came to a place where the view was spectacular. Little Mavicito went outside and took the pic below.
Is this Mount Wilson?

11AM - Camped in the Uncompahgre National Forest.
We came to a national forest access road, and MsTioga descended way down into a deep canyon. We made our Nite Camp next to the South Fork San Miguel River.
Camp Uncompahgre.

10PM - A light rain is falling.
We have turned off the music coming from the XM satellite radio. Instead of music, we are listening to the sound of rain falling on MsTioga's roof.

It was a bit chilly here with the rain falling and being at the 8,418 foot altitude. So Mr. Wave6 [our catalytic heater] volunteered to warmly sit at our side making things very comfortable.

All is right in our World!

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