Saturday, June 30, 2007

8AM - Cheyenne, Wyoming.
This is MsTioga and The Team's very first time to visit the great City of Cheyenne. We have made our Breakfast Camp inside the center of government neighborhood.
MsTioga in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

8:30AM - Reader Tom comes to call.
Just after we made Camp at Wyoming's State Capitol, a truck pulled up. It was Reader Tom coming to say "Hi!" to MsTioga and The Team!
Reader Tom Harris.

9AM - Long time Readers Gene & Audrey.
MsTioga, George and the rest of The Team were sooooooo happy to greet Gene & Audrey who have been following our adventures for many years.

We all three went out for breakfast at the nearby "Egg & I" restaurant. The food was great and sharing stories was great too!
Gene & Audrey Fischer.

11:30AM - Touring on Mr. Trek.
George & Little Mavicito drove on Mr. Trek to see the Celtic dancers who are appearing today in downtown Cheyenne. However, it turned out that George was more interested in western wear and Little Mavicito was fascinated by the motorcycle jumper.
George loves western boots.

George loves western hats.

Little Mavicito loves this jumper.

2PM - Afternoon Camped at Holliday Park.
Mr. DeLorme [our GPS system] told us about a nearby park with a lake. It is called Holliday Park. We have made our Afternoon Camp at this park.

The park is signed, "Closed 11PM to 5AM." We love this sign, because it tells us, "OK to Camp here until 11PM!" We are as free as birds!
George & MsTioga in Cheyenne's Holliday Park.

5PM - Auction Ads are earning us $money$.
Have you noticed the NEW ad at the top of the left hand column? Hmmmm? It is called "Auction Ads." These ads are for things that are being sold on Ebay. When a reader clicks on an Auction Ad and then buys the thing being sold, I receive a commission from that sale.

I have earned $35.38 for the month of June. This may not seem like very much $money$ to you. However, it is about equal to one day's worth of AdSense ad income, and that means it is worth quite a bit to me.

If you would like to try Auction Ads on your website, please sign up by clicking on the "Ads by Auction Ads" link at the bottom of this ad. Doing this may give me some additional income for having signed you up, OK?

6PM - Washing MsTioga.
Now that MsTioga has a nice new paint job, washing her is a little different. We wash MsTioga with plain water, and then after she is clean, put on an application of Blue Coral Wash & Wax. MsTioga likes that name, "Blue Coral."

This afternoon was a perfect washing day. Not hot at all. And the Sun is mostly hidden behind the clouds.
George washing MsTioga.

8PM - Reader George drops by!
There was a knock on MsTioga's door. It was George Dubrowski, a reader who follows our adventures! George lives in Cheyenne.

Little Mavicito took a pic of George inside MsTioga. But what happened to that pic, nobody knows. MsTioga says that it must have disappeared as a result of another "senior moment!" Hmmmm?

10PM - Nite Camped at the Veterans Affairs Center.
We received some very nice offers to camp for the nite from readers who live in Cheyenne. However, you know how MsTioga and The Team are! We love the challenge of finding our own free Camp!

Early in the day we decided to make our Camp at the Veterans Affairs Center. After all, George is a veteran! Right?

Note: Do not try and Camp at the VA here in Cheyenne. There is no camping at the VA. The guards allowed me to stay here for only one nite.


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