Sunday, June 24, 2007

8AM - Day Camped at fishing access site.
Everybody on The Team all had their eyes open looking for a Day Camp alongside the Arkansas River. We pulled off the road a couple times to look around, and kept going.

MsTioga had driven by this Camp in the pic below, and decided to turn around and explore. As you may see on the right side of the pic, there is a blocked road that winds around the hill. Little Mavicito wants to go on this road after breakfast.
Lots of Day Camps in Colorado!

10AM - Is there air up there?
At our Team Meeting this morning, Mr. DeLorme our valiant GPS system, mentioned that Leadville, Colorado is the highest city in North America. Mr. DeLorme wondered how George would be able to sleep at this altitude? George has not been able to sleep at other high altitude Camps.

We had planned to make a Nite Camp at Leadville, Colorado.

4:30PM - Camped above the Blue River.
We have found our Nite Camp above the Blue River. MsTioga traveled 89 miles today, a lot farther than usual.

We were all very happy and lucky to come across a Colorado wild area access road, which led to this Nite Camp.
Do you see the Blue River thru the trees?


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