Wednesday, June 27, 2007

8AM - Fall River view.
The rapidly descending Fall River flows by the north side of Aspenglen Campground where we are staying. Little Mavicito went down to the river to take a peek this morning.

Isn't this campground in Rocky Mountain National Park a lovely place?

Fall River & Aspenglen Campground.

11AM - Reader Brian.
Reader Len [who you met yesterday] and George were sitting in the campground talking. A big red truck pulled up and it was Reader Brian! Wow!

Brian is a retired cowboy and rodeo competitor and has a blog called: Goin' RV Boondocking

Little Mavicito captured the drawing/pic below from a business card that Brian gave to us.
Brian with George.

12 Noon - Readers Wayne and Pat.
While Len and Brian were talking with George, Readers Wayne and Pat dropped by to say, "Hi." Double wow with sugar on it!!
Pat, Wayne and Otto [the hunting dog].


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