Friday, June 15, 2007

8AM - Washing MsTioga.
We spent some time washing MsTioga. It's a little different than before the paint job when we used to just soap down and wipe off. Now we wash with clear water followed by Blue Coral Wash & Wax. Seems to work pretty good.

On the way out of the campground, MsTioga stopped to fill her fresh water tank. Readers John & Loni spotted The Team, and stopped by to say hello!
Readers John and Loni at Mesa Verde NP.

9PM - Mancos, Colorado.
We are heading east, and were going thru the Town of Mancos, Colorado when we spied Absolute Bakery. A blueberry scone looked irresistible, and we took it to the park across the street and ate the scone for breakfast.
Eating a scone in the Mancos Town Park.

10AM - Durango, Colorado.
MsTioga needs her engine oil changed. We have been changing MsTioga's engine oil when it looks dirty, instead of waiting for 3,000 miles to come up. MsTioga is happier with clean oil!

We stopped at a Jiffy Lube, and had the oil drained and refilled.

10:30AM - At the Wal*Mart!
You know how much that we love the Wal*Mart? We are at the Town of Durango's Wal*Mart to do some shopping. This is one of those Wal*Mart's that we think has a grocery store inside.

1PM - New TriPod pal for Little Mavicito.
Yesterday at Spruce Tree House, Little Mavicito's tripod adapter was lost. We learned while shopping, that there is no universal adapter. However, we found a brand new TriPod at a Radio Shack store for only $20! Little Mavicito is sooooo lucky to have found a new TriPod.

2PM - Headed north toward Silverton.
The Team would like to find a Nite Camp soon. We have chosen to go north on Hwy #550 toward the Town of Silverton. We were very lucky to find a side road [Hwy #250] with a place to park. If we are not disturbed during the afternoon, this place may become our Nite Camp.

7PM - Republished posts to November 03, 2003.
I've written to you before about republishing the 2003 posts with the deleted pics. I am now up to November 3rd. It takes a lot of time to do this stuff. Here is what needs to be done for each day:
  • Add the yesterday/tomorrow links at the bottom of the post.
  • Add the Google Map link with that day's Nite Camp GPS coordinates.
  • Find the missing images and add the image code into the post.
  • Check to make sure that the new links are working.
When we finish with our 2003 posts, readers will be able to use the Yesterday/Tomorrow links to go from our blog's beginning to the end of the year. The plan is to eventually have all the pages look the same for all the years.

You know something? This publishing that I do is a lot like a job. But a much better job than I've ever had before. I get to do this work while being on my great adventure!
George & MsGQ doing their republishing stuff.


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