Wednesday, June 06, 2007

8AM - We are now in Colorado!
When we pulled out of our last nite's Camp, it was quite windy. The wind whipped up clouds of dust. We could feel that dust and taste it too as MsTioga drove along.

We decided to keep traveling rather than make a Camp in the wind and dust. That is how we came to enter the great State of Colorado!

10AM - Day Camped in Grand Junction, Colorado.
We stopped in several places looking for our Camp. The wind was still soooooo strong. So we kept on going.

When we came to the City of Grand Junction, we looked for a Camp with some protection from the wind. We found a place where the trees were not moving so much. And that is where we are now in a residential/industrial area near the downtown.

4PM - Downtown Grand Junction.
All afternoon we stayed inside MsTioga while outside the wind blew. For a time it rained. Little Mavicito wanted to go see downtown. So we dressed up warm and walked to what we believe is Grand Junction's downtown.

There were people that we saw dressed only in a T-shirt and short pants! These people must be used to the wind and cold. All the while, it was necessary to hold on to my hat to keep it from blowing away. Walking against the strong wind is sooooo tiring!

There was interesting artwork in the downtown area. I had to hold my hat with one hand against the wind while Little Mavicito took the pic below of one piece of artwork.
Grand Junction downtown.

7PM - The TiogaRV Team blog is different.
Most blogs have several daily posts on one page. MsTioga and George like it better to have only one post [1 day] on each page.

Because of this one day post idea, we decided some months ago to have "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" [Y&T] buttons. We like having these buttons better than having readers use Blogger's archive routine to see past posts. Y&T buttons are like turning a page in a book.

The Y&T buttons only go back a short bit in time. We want every page of our blog to have Y&T buttons. Our goal is to update one week of our blog each day. As of today, the Y&T buttons have been published from the beginning of our blog to the middle of September, 2003.


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