Sunday, June 10, 2007

9:30AM - French Open.
We are listening to the French Open Tennis Tournament on internet radio. We are Roger Federer fans. Roger is behind, 2 sets to 1. Close! A close match!

10:30AM - A miracle!
Yes, MsTioga is a miracle. Way out here in the wilds of Colorado, we listened to the French Open Tennis Tournament on internet radio and watched the match scoreboard on MsGQ's monitor.

We prepared a pancake, bacon and egg breakfast. And enjoyed our food while the tennis match went on. Roger Federer did not win the match. But we on the TiogaRV won! We are soooooo lucky!

3PM - Camped in a deep canyon.
Alongside our Camp, flows the very rapidly moving San Miguel River. We are in a canyon with a very steep wall on the southwest side. A very good dirt road runs past our Camp. An unusal amount of traffic is passing along this road which leads into the Uncompahgre National Forest.
Camp alongside the San Miguel River.


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