Thursday, June 28, 2007

9AM - Mr. Datastorm trying to go online!
This morning Mr. Datastorm tried to go online, and found that HughesNet, our satellite connection was having problems. We will try again later in the day.

We have left Rocky Mountain National Park, and are heading east toward Loveland, Colorado.

11AM - Breakfast Camped along the Big Thompson River.
The Team has made our Breakfast Camp, along the Big Thompson River. As we were driving, we saw a ton of fishermen in this river fly-fishing.
MsTioga Camped beside the Big Thompson River.

2PM - At the Wal*Mart in Loveland, Colorado.
We have made an Afternoon Camp at the Wal*Mart. Mr. Datastorm is still unable to publish our blog! We phoned Motosat [Datastorm support] and they confirmed that HughesNet has a problem.

3:30PM - Mr. Datastorm is OK now.
We just returned from shopping at The Wal*Mart. As soon as we got into MsTioga, we looked at Ms. GQ to see if Mr. Datastorm was online. And he is! Wow!

We are always uneasy when we cannot go online and share with you what is going on.

4:30PM - Centerra Shopping Mall.
We have moved and setup an Evening Camp at the new Centerra Shopping Mall in Loveland, Colorado. George wants to go to a movie named, "Knocked Up." Can you imagine that? Hmmmmm? A 69-1/2 year old senior citizen going to view a movie named, "Knocked Up." Shocking!

In the pic below, George shows us his ticket while standing in front of the MetroLux 14 Theater.
George shows us his "Knocked Up" movie ticket.


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  1. Did George overnight in the theater parking lot? Can you still do this here?