Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1PM - Day Camped along the Middle Popo Agie River.
We have come into the City of Lander, Wyoming to stock up on supplies. We are low on fresh vegetables and propane. Reader Nick mentioned seeing the Sinks near Lander. So, after shopping, we headed for Sinks Canyon!

MsTioga came to an access point to the Middle Popo Agie River. We saw a parking area, and decided to make a Day Camp here. As soon as MsTioga's engine had stopped, the sound of the river could be heard. A lovely sound.

Little Mavicito hopped out and ran to find the river, which was back in the trees. More like a creek than a river, we found a delightful little stream making a wonderful sound as it tumbled over rocks.
Middle Popo Agie River.

MsTioga's Camp is to the east of a string of hills. The air today is sort of hazy. The sky is greyish. More so than the pic below shows.
MsTioga's Camp along the Middle Popo Agie River.

7PM - Camped in the Shoshone National Forest.
While we were Camped at Middle Popo Agie River, we spoke with a Wyoming Forest lady who told of her camp up in the Shoshone Forest. She said that moose came by her campsite. Wow!

So we headed up into the mountains for Shoshone Forest. We have made our Camp near Frye Lake. There is plenty of grass and a little creek close by. We are so much hoping to see a moose person!

In the pic below, Frye Lake is very low at this time and cannot be seen.

MsTioga and The Team at Frye Lake in Shoshone National Forest.


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Monday, July 30, 2007

6:30AM - Rattlesnake Pass.
The Oregon Trail passes thru Rattlesnake Pass and descends into the place where now is located The Martin Handcart Visitor's Center. MsTioga drove up thru Rattlesnake Pass and continued on a short ways. Then turned around and headed back west.

George saw the wagon ruts first. Wow! Little Mavicito and George went out to take pics while standing on the Oregon Trail. You have to look real close to see the trail path ruts in this pic, but they are there!

Nearly every single pioneer who came west from 1841 to 1869 saw what you see in the pic below.
Heading into Rattlesnake Pass on the Oregon Trail.

7AM - The Fulkerson grave.
We believe that about one of every ten pioneers died along their journey. Fred Fulkerson was one of those who gave up his life on the trail west. Fred's grave is located inside Rattlesnake Pass.
Fred Fulkerson's grave.

Plaque over Fred's grave.

8AM - Hiking in to Devils Gate.
Many pioneers camped in the Devils Gate area, and many hiked in to take a look at this famous landmark. Pioneers saw the Gate for perhaps two or three days before actually arriving at this giant crack thru the rock mountain. The Sweetwater River created the Devils Gate over many thousands of years.

We followed a path from the Oregon Trail toward Devils Gate. Little Mavicito and George did not actually get into the Gate, because the trail looked too treacherous. But they got close.
Pic from our closest point to Devils Gate.

Pioneer names at Devils Gate.

11AM - Martin Hand Cart Visitor's Center.
We spent about an hour talking to one of the Elders of the Church of Latter Day Saints about the history of this wonderful place. Then we toured the history center, which tells the story of the travail of the pioneers.

It is not possible to describe to you the hardship of the people who traveled with their hand carts across the west to live in what is described as Zion and is now called Salt Lake City, Utah. However, we believe that the words of one of them, Francis Webster, convey the reality of the journey.
Francis Webster's words.

4PM - Camped at Sweetwater Crossing.
We have made our Nite Camp along Bison Basin Road near where the Sweetwater River crosses Hwy 287. The desert is very flat all around our Camp.

Our Tracfone has a 5-bar connection way out here in the desert. Mr. DeLorme offered that perhaps we have a cell connection because we are at a 6,700 foot elevation.

George & MsTioga at Sweetwater Crossing Camp.

5:30PM - Flying ants attack Mr. Datastorm!!
We were just about to prepare supper, and opened up MsTioga's rear roof vent. Wow! There were tons of ants clustered above the screen! We sprayed them with Formula 409 [it was the 1st thing that we grabbed] and then went up on MsTioga's roof.

Poor Mr. Datastorm was covered with these flying ants! Now we were using Baygon, an ant poison/spray that we bought in Mexico. For about 15 minutes, we fought the flying ants. Spraying and stomping.

We have moved our Camp about a mile away from that ant infested Camp.


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Sunday, July 29, 2007

7AM - Heading west to Martin's Cove.
We are breaking our Nite Camp alongside the North Platte River. MsTioga wants to visit Martin's Cove, a place where 500 Mormon emigrants camped in November, 1856. Snow and cold stopped the Mormon's journey to Salt Lake City. Martin's Cove is located 40 miles west of here.
Our Nite Camp along the North Platte River.

8AM - Camped at Devils Gate.
We have made a Breakfast Camp at an historic stop along the Oregon Trail. It is called Devils Gate, thru which flows the Sweetwater River. Martin's Cove is in the valley below our Camp .

In the pic below, you see Devils Gate, the famous landmark for the emigrant pioneers. Do you see the Gate on the left? If you look closely on the right, and use your imagination, you may still see wagons plodding thru the valley.
Devils Gate on the Oregon Trail.

9:30AM - Mr. Dometic is soooooo cool.
Mr. Dometic wants all his friends to know, that he is holding his refrigerator temperature at 36°F. "It is so easy to keep cool now that I have a completely new refrigerator", says the delighted Mr. Dometic.

Mr. Dometic also wants you to know that his Dometic Service Contract paid for everything. The new fridge, the shipping, the installation. Mr. Dometic did not have to pay one $cent$.

1PM - Mormon Handcart Visitor's Center.
My visit to this Mormon Center was remarkable. An Elder in the church gave me a personal history of those pioneer times. Afterwards, he invited me to have potluck lunch with them.

Little Mavicito captured a pic of the people at the table where I had lunch, but the pic came out blurry!

7PM - In our mind's eye, we see the pioneers.
MsTioga is Camped only 100 yards from the Old Oregon Trail. We cannot be here without our imagination running wild. We see the wagons coming in over Rattlesnake Pass to the east. We see the pioneer families happily approaching Fort Seminoe, an oasis store with goods to sustain them.
Old Fort Seminoe.

We see the Oregon Trail when the wagons are leaving to continue their plodding journey west. We watch as the shapes get smaller, the wagons going over the hill, the people disappearing. They are long gone now, but we still see them. Do you see them too?
The Oregon Trail heading west from the Fort.

8PM - Creatures of the evening.
We sit looking out of MsTioga's windows. Creatures of the evening have come to find their supper in the area of Old Fort. Two very large birds, a half dozen pronghorn, numerous jackrabbits. They are all out there where the pioneers once made their camp.

And we inside MsTioga are here with them. Captured by the wonder of this place where so many pioneers came, camped, struggled and died to make this land ours.


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Saturday, July 28, 2007

6AM - Having faith that Mr. Dometic will arrive today.
We have been promising you that Mr. Dometic's new fridge will arrive everyday since last Tuesday. And guess what?! We are promising you again that Mr. Dometic will arrive this morning.

We on The Team are resolute in our optimism. Why not? Doesn't cost a $penney$ more!
George & MsTioga waiting for the new Mr. Dometic.

9:30AM - The truck shows up!
Little Mavicito was sitting out in front of Rec-Vee, waiting for Mr. Dometic's delivery truck to show up. Suddenly, there it was, right in the driveway!
Mr. Dometic's delivery truck.

Everybody was soooooo excited to get our first look at Mr. Dometic. Finally, Mr.Dometic was sitting on the loading dock!
Mr. Dometic still in his crate.

12 Noon - On the road again!
It took a couple of hours to put our brand new Mr. Dometic into his place inside MsTioga. When Mr. Dometic was turned on, his propane flame came up with no problems. We loaded all of our food which was stored in Rec-Vee's refrigerator into Mr. Dometic. A couple bags of ice were included to jump-start the cooling process.

It would have been prudent to stick around for a day, to see if Mr. Dometic is working fine. However, we took a chance and headed west out of Casper.

Everybody on The Team feels that Mr. Dometic is going to be be the very best RV fridge in the history of the World!

George stands with Mr. Dometic.

1PM - Camped along the North Platte River.
There is no doubt that MsTioga and The Team are completely addicted to traveling. We love it soooooo much! We came to a river access point to the North Platte River, and made a Camp so that George could take a little nap.

About three hours later, that little nap finally ended. It was time for a lunch. We went to take a peek at how Mr. Dometic was doing, and were we surprised! Mr. Dometic's freezer is at 8°F and his refrigerator section is 35.1°F. Wow! That is so great! And that is only after four hours of operation.
Lunch is a Quesadilla, salad and yogurt dessert!

Senior Citizen Legislation.
I generally do not do political things on my blog. However, today I learned of a really sneaky change that the government has made concerning the Golden Age Passport.

This change concerns the Senior Pass. Apparently, concessionaires such as Xanterra, who administer places such as Yellowstone National Park were not happy giving free admission and 50% camping discounts to seniors. Somehow they engineered the new Senior Pass, which eliminates such discounts.

The Golden Age Passport will no longer be sold and was replaced by the Senior Pass in January, 2007. It is really astounding to me, that some of the benefits of the older Golden Age Passport are eliminated by the greed of those who sponsored the infamous and disgraceful Senior Pass.

I feel that this kind of nonsense should be given publicity, so that all will know what has happened. That is why I have made this post.

Note: Present holders of the older Golden Age Passport may continue to use it for the rest of their lives. From January, 2007, however, there will be two classes of senior citizens. Those with the old Golden Age Passport and those with the diminished Senior Pass.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

5AM - Mr. Dometic learns about fridges.
Mr. Dometic has been on the RV Mobile Refrigerator Repair Forum. He has learned some very interesting things about RV fridges! The most important thing is, that the entire coach should be leveled to the fridge freezer plate. We on the TiogaRV Team did not know this thing.

5:30AM - Will Mr. Dometic get a new name?
Readers have wondered if Mr. Dometic will get a new name. Reader Terry wondered if he will now be called, R2D2 [Refrigerator2 Dometic2]. Hmmmmm?

Thru the magic of the The Team, Mr. Dometic will still be the same person as before. Even when our new refrigerator gets installed this morning, Mr. Dometic will be the same wonderful hard working Team Member that he has always been. And have the same name too!

1PM - No fridge on Friday!
Well, there was some kind of SNAFU down in Denver. The fridge for Mr. Dometic did not get shipped. Sometimes things like this just happen, and there is no use fussing.

The Dometic Company promised that our fridge would be at Rec-Vee in Casper by 10AM tomorrow, Saturday morning.


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Thursday, July 26, 2007

10AM - The mystery of this morning!
Lou is the owner of Rec-Vee, our Dometic service company. This morning, Lou was to phone Dometic and arrange for the refrigerator shipment from Denver, Colorado to Rec-Vee in Casper, Wyoming. However, Lou has not shown up at work yet this morning. Here at Rec-Vee, we are told that Lou will be in soon.

All that we may do now, is cool our heels and be patient.

11:30AM - Dometic fridge is on the way!
Lou came to the shop a few minutes ago, and announced that the Dometic fridge is on its way from Denver. Should be here at Rec-Vee tomorrow morning!

Mr. Dometic is thrilled! And so is everybody else on The Team.


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

6AM - Mr. Dometic at 57°F.
We want you to know that Mr. Dometic is trying as hard as he is able to come down to proper temperature. However, we found something troubling with yesterday's installation.

It seems that the freezer plate which is supposed to be level, is bent upward. This means that the freezer plate is out-of-level side to side. We did a Google search and came up with this page:

We are returning to Rec-Vee first thing this morning, and show them what we found.

Note: Whether an upward bend of a cooling unit needs to be corrected has been submitted to the RV Mobile forum for clarification.

7PM - Spicy ads.
MsTioga was shocked to see spicy ads on her blog page recently. MsTioga wants you to understand that she does not put these ads on her blog page. That is the responsibility of of the Google people.

If you are shocked also by these ads, MsTioga suggests covering your eyes so you do not see these ads, OK?

10:30AM - Mr. Dometic on electric power.
The people at Rec-Vee are testing Mr. Dometic on electric power. The test started around 9:30AM when the temp inside Mr. Dometic's refrigerator section was 57.0°F. Now, only one hour later, Mr. Dometic is at 54.5°F.

If Mr. Dometic keeps getting colder on electric power, Rec Vee will try and find out what is wrong with the propane burner.
Mr. Dometic on electric power.

1PM - Dometic Corporation shipping a new cooling unit.
The electric power test failed! There is no difference running Mr. Dometic on propane or electricity. Mr. Dometic never gets below 54°F.

The Dometic Company has asked that we keep on testing on electric power, until 3PM. Then if nothing changes, they will ship us a new cooling unit from Denver. It should be here tomorrow, if all goes well.

4PM - Bad news & good news for Mr. Dometic!
When the Dometic Company was phoned at 3PM, their switchboard was closed. Would you believe it?! Hmmmm? Wow! So the bad news is that we will not receive a replacement cooling unit until Friday morning.

However, we have good news too! The Dometic Company will be shipping us a brand new rebuilt refrigerator, not just the cooling unit. This means that everything will be new. The circuit boards, the refrigerator and freezer doors. The whole enchilada!


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