Thursday, July 26, 2007

10AM - The mystery of this morning!
Lou is the owner of Rec-Vee, our Dometic service company. This morning, Lou was to phone Dometic and arrange for the refrigerator shipment from Denver, Colorado to Rec-Vee in Casper, Wyoming. However, Lou has not shown up at work yet this morning. Here at Rec-Vee, we are told that Lou will be in soon.

All that we may do now, is cool our heels and be patient.

11:30AM - Dometic fridge is on the way!
Lou came to the shop a few minutes ago, and announced that the Dometic fridge is on its way from Denver. Should be here at Rec-Vee tomorrow morning!

Mr. Dometic is thrilled! And so is everybody else on The Team.


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